Posts from the Var Side, 5th October

SATURDAY 5TH OCTOBER 2013 – Dance Moves

Woke to the devastating news that I’d left my Palladiums out in the rain, the storms that did for the South of France in general, late yesterday evening. We’d gone early to bed, shuttered in dark from the lightning, and so we missed a great display by all accounts; storms like this being one of my favourite things. And my favourite footwear soaked.

Today was the day we moved into our holiday apartment – the same, same beloved Sanary perch we’ve been coming to for years now; and with it our routine installation: the re-packing of bags at Annie’s, the meeting with owner, MJD, the handover of cash for the keys, the big shop at Carrefour and Annie making it all run smoothly as ever.


Then our first Sanarian lunch goes, once again, to La Marine, which always does for us well.


An incident of ‘journal lag’ right here – ie: forgot to mention this yesterday:


Over lunch in Toulon (the roast chicken and spuds), me and B. came up with an Idea For A Radio 4 Panel Show, called (working title) ‘End Of’. The premise, the rub, being that contestants, in that gently ascerbic amusing R4 manner, attempt to describe, succinctly but completely, an issue or a situation, and to take that description to its most interesting end, in such a way as to make any additional point or augmentation unnecessary and non-value adding – signalling as much with the exclamation ‘End Of!’ – at which point the opposing team may decide it can add something further of value, and will attempt to do so… etcetera. Well, enough of the proposition for now (although we have thoughts on presenters, team captains, too), and enough to note the copyright as claimed by us, thanks very much. End of.

Saturday evening we decided to say in with the view, and with a full, felt-like-five-hour episode of France’s version of Strictly Come Dancing. More about this when I’m less tearful.

So, to end here, the view – THE VIEW – from our balcony, where my Palladiums are drying very well.


So that, in the main, was Saturday.


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I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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