Posts from the Var Side, 3rd October


Arrived, so we did, into Marseille 2 – which continues to charm and delight with its wire-mesh and lino stripped-back lower-case, unpeopled functionality; like arriving into some hinterland’s airbase, or how I imagine, fondly, Doncaster’s to be. We came into Marseille a couple of months ago too, but before that it had been (quick calculation) twenty-seven years since using this airport – art student then, and arriving in the hairdryer heat in the black puffa-bomber jacket, black jeans and DM shoes of my calling.

October now, not so hot as then – both the weather and me aged 20, obv – but now as then, there to meet us is lovely Annie, my sister. And onward we drive to here, to the delicious hereabouts of Sanary, Six-Fours, St. Mandrier, La Seyne (bits of), Toulon (very bits of) and the rest.

My plan is to post, or to write and later post, daily whilst here, and to do so with photos as the lead. And with that as my intent, I’ll leave the intro as that for now.

Early flights mean early starts mean snoozy afternoons. Reading in the back yard, a bougainvillea petal fell prettily onto the page. Nearing the end of Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys.


Reading Michael Chabon inspires me, a non-writer, to write – always – and I picked up the Scrambili Egg stories once more, beginning at some pace to create a bad murder there, and a rooftop swimming pool called ‘Bain Marie’.


Not much better sight than this for hungry (greedy) travellers…


… though this is even better to see:


Innovation abounds in the Saucisson sector. And naturally it’s called a camembert.


The lovely man, Jean-Marc, newly birthday’d, joined us. Here’s Annie handing over the gift – the magical machine that will help him to create his legendary Moules Farcies!


Enzo came by too – here’s he and his dad.


There’s a marvellous much can be said about Enzo, but our favourite piece of the moment is that, having started an important apprenticeship posting in the business of the finance business, Enzo has changed his Facebook identity, so the nice ladies he works with in the bank won’t come across the many pictures of his bare bum.

Here’s Enzo gently thawing an over-frozen Cornetto by the waning embers of the barbie.


So that, mainly, was Thursday.

About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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