Time on my Hands

Note: If you’re really pressed for time, this post can be summarised as: ‘oh, sod off and sort your own time out.’

I saw something on Facebook this morning, on a page that someone lovingly maintains, that I liked, Liked, and then read through some comments relating. The thing I’d liked was a neat but knowing bit of photoshopping and was an on-message April Fool’s offering. One of the comments said, about the work:

‘some people have too much time on their hands.’

I get what this response is on its level of ‘oh, you joker’-ness, like the standard non-humorist’s reaction to a good gag – ‘ha, ha, very funny,’; but I’m sensitive to its more reductionist meaning.

Nobody has too much or too little time on their hands. We all have the same. What we choose to do with that, or what we do now based on the choices we made in the past (I mean the choices in our earth-bound adult lives, not in the Ken Barlow sense), is ours to deal with. When you are feeding a child, that is what you are doing with time.

What you do, is what you do.

When I worked in New Product Development a wee while back, one of my big deals was a thing called ‘Make It Real’ – as a name stolen with glee from creative maharishis*, but as a practice something deeply my own (and to this day still, kitchen-table-publishing with scissors and Pritt Stick and cereal boxes) – and I often presented the future goods as they might appear (‘Start with the End in Mind’), saving on time and money and the constant, pernicious and wasting disease of Collective Organisational Boredom whenever a thing seemed too far distant, both in time and connectivity to one’s own experience or Broth of Botheredness, only often also to be met with some grump’s assertion that the result was a product of my Too Much Time.

It was what I did: wasn’t extra; wasn’t at anything else’s expense. It was what I did, and what I chose to do in, and with, time.

Very Busy-ness is not impressive to me, but I’d be sorry if you’ve lost some control of the same amount of time everyone has, and it feels therefore that you haven’t enough. But nothing that’s created comes from too much. I have my amount of time on my hands, and what I do – like the Facebook Page Photoshop Kidder, and like me in NPD – is what I do.

image courtesy Apartment Therapy

Make It Real! image courtesy Apartment Therapy


*These guys: ?What If!

© Steve Mitchell, Fisher Lane

About Stevie Mitchell

I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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