My October Symphony, Part 4 – The Landscape of Luggage

While April’s always up there, there’s no month to touch October for luggagious (new word, of or relating to luggage) conditions. And while we aint gone Stateside this, forgive me, fall, we’ve made up for that logistically by the case-load here at home.

I have always, always, had a thing for luggage. Okay, let’s work on always. When I was maybe eight I had a carry case for my Hot Wheels cars collection. Something like this one pictured here:

picture borrowed courtesy of

I removed the inner plastic compartments and used it as a suitcase; only for around the home, but I packed my pyjamas in it all the same. When you think about it, childhood stories are often so very much about departures and arrivals and being uprooted and changing places and changing spaces. I think I wanted a bit of that too, and therefore needed my own luggage.

When I was eleven I started big school and because my schoolbag was small – my bags were always small – when games-days came around (Mondays) I needed a second bag for my Woolworth’s kit. In the queue for the school bus an older boy pointed and laughed – look! he’s got two bags! ha! – I think he went on to be an observational comedian, while I went home feeling embarrassed, although reasonably well-balanced, and dissatisfied with my baggage solutions.

As an adult it’s not unusual for me to pop into a TK Maxx, a Selfridges, John Lewis, ‘just to have a look at the luggage’. Not weirdly or anything, clearly, but I do need to look and to reassure myself that the perfect suitcase – and it may not be a suitcase, heck, the perfect something – still does not exist for me. It’s easier in fact to psycho-analyse my bagly hang-ups, than to track down, Goldilocks-like, online or off, the unspecified luggage of my dreams.

Another suitcase (or two) in another hall (or front room). Here’s what I wrote when I got my mitts on these:
Those closest to me know I’m fixated on the failings of luggage solutions against my borderline obsessive and oft-unreasonable KPIs. But find me a new gripe, because *mes issues baggageoise* are resolved with the arrival at Mitchell Acres of these splendid specimens from the good people at Manufactum of Germany. Wouldn’t look out of place in a Richard Scarry vignette; and with their deliciously simple suitcaseness and absence of space-thieving interior mechanisms, I foresee nothing but heavenly transit ahead. Nothing can go wrong!
Fool that I was.

But it’s nice to know that someone, somewhere understands how I feel… even though that someone is some auto-translation software – because whilst googling ‘the perfect suitcase’, I came across this lovely sentiment from China, under, fabulously, the translated article header of 2008 teaches you to be a sexy.’

“A pleasant trip, not necessarily have a good suitcase. But if do not have a good luggage, your journey will definitely continue to worry. Suitcase, like a portable home, never will be protagonists, but it is an essential journey landscape.”

 True dat.

© Steve Mitchell, Fisher Lane, 2012


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I come from a long line of cartoons and beer. I was once peed on by a tiger. Hoping the resultant super-powers are yet to come, cos if these are they, then, grrrr....
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